Friday, April 3, 2009

~ThE CLoThEs I wEaR~

Honestly, I don't think a whole lot about where my clothes came from. I think its just because I have never really thought about it before. I think that the participation points survey that we took in class the other day really made me think about why I wear the clothes that I do. Yes, I love designer clothes and expensive clothes. Not necessarily for the brand, but because of the comfort and durability, and because I think certain clothes fit me better than others. But at the same time, I do shop at Target, Wal-mart and cheaper stores in the mall, I have no problem with that at all. If I can save a couple bucks i'm all for it! I look for clothes that I like, and for clothes that look good on me, I don't buy clothes that are expensive just because I want to be seen wearing that certain expensive brand. True Religions are expensive jeans, but I bought mine cause they looked good, and they will last a really long time. Anyway, I think its interesting to hear different points of view in our class and hear what people think of this clothes issue, but i know where I stand and what I think about the issue and thats good enough for me :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where is the line?

Reading No Logo has been interesting, and there are a lot of good points. The think that really caught my eye while I was reading this week was Wal Marts issue with the content that is in their stores. Yeah, Wal Mart is a family store, where mothers bring their children shopping with them. Because it is a family store, Wal Mart will not accept certain material because it could be offensive and inappropriate to these young mothers with their families. The example that they used in No Logo was the Nirvana CD and how they had to change the content in their CD, and the names of their songs so they would not be offensive to the shoppers at Wal Mart. But what about everyone else? The people who are not mothers or not little kids? What if they really wanted that CD with the certain picture on the front and the certain lyrics? Wal mart does not have material that could possible offensive. So these other people will not be satisfied. But then again, Wal Mart sells violent video games... are these games considered to be dangerous for the young mothers with their kids? I just think it is interesting to think about how Wal Mart really does turn away merchandise if it is offensive. Its not that it will effect their revenue, but because they do not want their customers to be offended. We as customers have the right to look at what we want and buy what we want. If we get offended by something that Wal Mart has, the big deal, buy it or don't look at it. Wal Mart of course should not have obscene material in their stores, but for real, they don't have to require a change of a product like the Nirvana Cd so people wont get offended. I just think its a little ridiculous.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Seriously, there are so many logos out there it is insane. After going around during class to write down how many we could find, it made me realize really how many logos we look at everyday. Just driving up state street in Orem, there are thousands for us to look at. I think that even though we may not realize it, our subconscious mind is really affected by what we see everyday. These images are ingrained in our minds, and we are constantly thinking about what we see. If we are at the store we buy the brands that we are most familiar with. So the more logos out there on that brand the better, at least thats what the advertising companies think. Its fascinating to really think about how much we see everyday, the world is growing so much in the advertising aspect. Crazy Crazy Crazy!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Disney is one of the many companies that own what is going in the media. From the paper that we got in class, Disney owns five magazine publishing companies, ABC television and radio, Disneyland, Disney books, along with much more. It makes me think about how much power these companies have over our perception on the media. We are influenced by what we watch, weather we decide to act on what we see is based on an individual basis. But these companies have the power to portray whatever they would like to. We give these companies so much power, whether they deserve it or not in controversial. The media effects us a ton, and i just think we need to be careful with how much we take in and how much we let influence us. After looking at this handout from class, it made me realize really how much is out there for us to consume. The world of media is growing and growing and its way exciting to see the technology grow. The media is a powerful tool and we need to realize the effect that it has on us as the consumers.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hip Hop Documentary

That hip hop documentary was really interesting, because it made me think out of the box. It was good to hear their side of the story, and why their lyrics are they way they are. African Americans are less fortunate at times, because of the issues of race. They simply choose to portray it in their music, unlike other cultures. The things the artists say in their music is at times very inappropriate and offensive, and it is their way of life. We as the listeners have the choice to listen or to not listen. The singers have talent, and they obviously have a hard past, but we all do. I think that hip hop artists need to be a little bit more respectful in their lyrics. And we need to take a stand and not buy their albums if we are offended by them, because the albums will keep on being made. The documentary said that Caucasians are the main buyers of hip hop music. We need to stop buying the music if we don't like what it portrays.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Human Race

The book that we are currently reading has made me realize how important understanding race is. I view everyone as individuals with differences. I don't think that just because someone is black we should treat them any different. I think human race is a beautiful thing, and it really interests me. I am interested in culture and how different people live their lives. I think us as a people need to be more appreciative of other people and their cultures. When we are born we can't choose what race we are going to be. We are born into a a family that is so unique, that is part of a whole world of culture and race. I think we need to be me more appreciative of the different cultures around us, and respect alternate ways of life.


If any of you watched the 24 series, you will all know that they had an amazing guy play President Palmer, and he was African American. He was very respectable, and solved a lot of dramatic problems that went on in the series. Issues like war and terrorism that effected the country. Obviously President Palmer was a character, and was made up. But I think his effect on America in the 24 series, got us ready for our amazing current black president, President Obama. Palmer could save America from war, so will America think Obama can save us from the real war in society? 5 years ago i don't think America would have been ready for a black president, because we were scared for change. The vision in 24 was able to show us that having a black president will be ok. Now America is ready for change, and I think really good things are going to come out of the change of getting a black president. We shouldn't compare Obama to other presidents, because every president is different. But just because he is black, we should treat him with just as much respect as we have with our other presidents. Things are changing, and its going to be an interesting next four years to see what is going to happen.