Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Human Race

The book that we are currently reading has made me realize how important understanding race is. I view everyone as individuals with differences. I don't think that just because someone is black we should treat them any different. I think human race is a beautiful thing, and it really interests me. I am interested in culture and how different people live their lives. I think us as a people need to be more appreciative of other people and their cultures. When we are born we can't choose what race we are going to be. We are born into a a family that is so unique, that is part of a whole world of culture and race. I think we need to be me more appreciative of the different cultures around us, and respect alternate ways of life.


  1. I think that we are to enveloped in stereotypes and grouping these individual reaces. I think that people should be given a fair chance, but I also beleive that people should be judged as individuals and not as a whole.

  2. It is true! And I will say it again- if we all embraced what is unique about each of us (even being caucasian and of the "majority") and let go of the negativity, the issue would be in the past.