Friday, March 13, 2009


Seriously, there are so many logos out there it is insane. After going around during class to write down how many we could find, it made me realize really how many logos we look at everyday. Just driving up state street in Orem, there are thousands for us to look at. I think that even though we may not realize it, our subconscious mind is really affected by what we see everyday. These images are ingrained in our minds, and we are constantly thinking about what we see. If we are at the store we buy the brands that we are most familiar with. So the more logos out there on that brand the better, at least thats what the advertising companies think. Its fascinating to really think about how much we see everyday, the world is growing so much in the advertising aspect. Crazy Crazy Crazy!!


  1. I know! I can't believe how much branding is going on around us. No wonder we aren't sure what to wear all the time or how to please people because we are being thrown soo many different views from soo many different advertisers. There is a song out right now that talks about her taking off her clothes and that is how people become famous. It is soo true in our world today. Amazing and sad :(

  2. I think that it is so interesting that if no one would ever say anything that we wouldnt really notice how much advertising is really out there. But when we talk about it, all of the advertising comes rushing in on us all at once and it hits us as kind of a surprise.

  3. Its funny how music and brands have come together. It has created a few classics though like Air Force One by Nelly. Can't say i didn't love that song but crazy is right when describing logos in America I just hope I can look beyond them in the future.