Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where is the line?

Reading No Logo has been interesting, and there are a lot of good points. The think that really caught my eye while I was reading this week was Wal Marts issue with the content that is in their stores. Yeah, Wal Mart is a family store, where mothers bring their children shopping with them. Because it is a family store, Wal Mart will not accept certain material because it could be offensive and inappropriate to these young mothers with their families. The example that they used in No Logo was the Nirvana CD and how they had to change the content in their CD, and the names of their songs so they would not be offensive to the shoppers at Wal Mart. But what about everyone else? The people who are not mothers or not little kids? What if they really wanted that CD with the certain picture on the front and the certain lyrics? Wal mart does not have material that could possible offensive. So these other people will not be satisfied. But then again, Wal Mart sells violent video games... are these games considered to be dangerous for the young mothers with their kids? I just think it is interesting to think about how Wal Mart really does turn away merchandise if it is offensive. Its not that it will effect their revenue, but because they do not want their customers to be offended. We as customers have the right to look at what we want and buy what we want. If we get offended by something that Wal Mart has, the big deal, buy it or don't look at it. Wal Mart of course should not have obscene material in their stores, but for real, they don't have to require a change of a product like the Nirvana Cd so people wont get offended. I just think its a little ridiculous.


  1. I have noticed that about Walmart. The one good thing is that the video games are all behind glass and you need to get a store rep to open it for you in order to buy a game and they are really good about checking to make sure that you are the right age to buy them.

  2. whats up steffin! i found you :)