Wednesday, February 18, 2009


If any of you watched the 24 series, you will all know that they had an amazing guy play President Palmer, and he was African American. He was very respectable, and solved a lot of dramatic problems that went on in the series. Issues like war and terrorism that effected the country. Obviously President Palmer was a character, and was made up. But I think his effect on America in the 24 series, got us ready for our amazing current black president, President Obama. Palmer could save America from war, so will America think Obama can save us from the real war in society? 5 years ago i don't think America would have been ready for a black president, because we were scared for change. The vision in 24 was able to show us that having a black president will be ok. Now America is ready for change, and I think really good things are going to come out of the change of getting a black president. We shouldn't compare Obama to other presidents, because every president is different. But just because he is black, we should treat him with just as much respect as we have with our other presidents. Things are changing, and its going to be an interesting next four years to see what is going to happen.

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