Wednesday, February 18, 2009


After going to and looking at the sex ads, it made me realize how much advertisements use sex to sell their products. After watching a bunch of commercials, I found that cologne and perfume uses sex to sell, clear to to topic of "under armour." There are so many things that need to be advertised, and there are so many different ways to advertise things in a very broad board. It makes me wonder why we have chosen to use our body to sell the product. And I came to the conclusion that it is because we are drawn into sex and appearance of others because of our human nature. we pay attention to what is interesting to us. Gender ads quotes: "Many critics of the critics of popular culture use the adage 'sex sells' the justify the depictions in popular culture." Sex sells the product, and weather we like it or not, it works. I don't think that it is always the right way to sell a product, but if sex gets the attention of the audience, then the people that advertise really don't have a choice to use "sex." Because their job is to sell things, and get results from us buying their things.

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