Monday, January 12, 2009


I really liked this picture, because it describes perfectly what I experience every day, being asked a certain question.
We talked about stereotypes today in class, and what we assume different groups of people do in their lives. We didn't talk about tall people, one thing that people assume tall people to do is play basketball! Luckily for Yao Ming, he did end up playing basketball, probably because he is so tall! But that is not true about all tall people!
The question people ask me almost everydayis, if I play basketball because I am so tall. I say "no..." "do you play miniature golf because your short?"
I just think its interesting that we do all assume things about different groups of people, even though they may not be true, and i think we can all learn a good lesson to not stereotype. We need to be open to other thoughts, and ideas in life.

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