Friday, January 23, 2009

President Obama

On Tuesday President Barack Obama was sworn into office. We watched the inauguration in all of my classes that day, because history was made. The whole week before, we were celebrating the birth of Martin Lutber King Jr. People say that our new pesident is going to be just as succesful as MLK. I think that it is great how Obama has a dream for us Americans. We are scared, we are in debt, and we are ready for change.
At the inauguration, the two million people in the audience "Booed" President Bush. How un-American is that? Think of the issues that Bush had to get us through, September 11th happened under his watch for crying outloud! He did not deserve the attitude America showed him. I respect the things that Bush did for our country, and I would like to get your opinion on weather you think Obama will be able to match what Bush has done. Bush put troops in Iraq to save us, with Obama taking the troops out... will that put us at a huge risk? Will Obama be able to get us through a major crisis? Will he really be able to do all he has promised America? I would hope so, but we can never be too sure.
I am excited for the upcoming years, to really see if America will change, for better, or for worse.

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